Your visitors expect from you the highest performances and having an efficient server will help to climb SEO rankings.

A more powerful server has many advantages:

  • a smoother and more enjoyable user experience with better response times
  • the ability to manage load ramp ups and more visitors
  • a better ranking in SEO
  • a better hardware/architecture utilization
  • ...

And at the end, a better ROI from internet activity.

To achieve performances improvment, we may act on many parameters:

  • hardware upgrade, always first thought, but rarely best idea
  • hardware optimization (hybrid architecture, auto-start cloud instances, ...)
  • application architecture optimization (multi-tiers)
  • code improvment (often hard)
  • databases access time optimization (indexes optimization, faster disks,...)
  • memory usage optimization
  • server parameters (compression, redirections,...)
  • stable components caching (images, css, js,...) using proxy, CDN,..
  • network bandwith/speed optimization/upgrade
  • ...

Not all improvements are available for all cases, but Top-Secured experts, with more than 20 years of experience in the field of performances testing and optimization, know what is applicable, what will be the more efficient at the lowest cost/delay.

We can improve a small site pages load times in minutes, or build a very powerful architecture able to manage brutal load ramp ups. Each case has a solution, a budget.



Your server or website security, your data security, your online activity are at all time under threat. We have developed advanced tools to protect your business from hackers.

Your website, your datas, your servers are your assets, your capital, your wealth, your reason for existence, why you are better than others, why your customers pay.

Each second, thousands and thousands of people and robots are trying to hack your data or your server for there own use.

They really may bother your internet activity, behave as a competitor or an ennemy, take advantage of your work, up to stop your online services.

Their opportunities to harm you are already numerous and known, but they work day and night to invent new, stronger, more complex and more dangerous:

  • D-DOS attacks are so easy and frequent
  • use of known vulnerabilties due to bad updates management
  • bad use of encryption
  • CRM/plugins vulnerabilities
  • server penetration due to bad passwords or permissions
  • and sorry, but more to come...

At the time they will find the open door, they will take control on the whole server, datas, applications, networks and they will use all them for their own profit or criminal activity.

Not only credit cards numbers are valuable. Any data, any resource have a great value for hackers.

And you can't say that your site/data/server have no value for hackers, because at the time they start their attack, they often just don't know what they will find.

Your assets are their target.

Top-Secured security experts stand up at all times to protect your activity, managing your platform upgrades and security parameters, using top-of-the-art tools, including private tools we develop and improve each day to prevent and counter attacks.

Our tools are dynamic, and use IA to detect suspicious behaviour or real attack, and protect immediatly and automatically the server under attack, and within seconds all our other customers.

We protect your servers using our IA based private tools.



If your users can't accept any downtime and need 365x7x24 operations hours, we will build and manage for you a redundant platform, including databases real-time replication.

A high-availability architecture should double all components, including servers, networks, datas, applications.

At all times, even in case of hardware failure, the platform should be able to serve all requests.

Top-Secured build and manage such architectures that even if a component fails completly and needs technical care, your online activity will continue as usual, with no impact for your users.

Your business, your customers deserve non-stop service.