About Us

We are a small team of highly and widely experienced computer engineers. We are proud to have worked in our carreers for largest companies in Europe, including banks, medias, industry and government organizations on their most strategic and biggest projects.

Our Mission

Allow you to focus on your business, relying on a reliable and efficient technical architecture. This is all what we do: take care of your servers, so you never hear from them.

Our Plan

We first secure your server with state-of-the-art tools we have developed. Then we check and optimize all your server components (Web server, Databases, H/W, ...) to get all your server power available. We setup smart multi-backups to keep your data safe. And we monitor 24x365 your server activity to detect any event or bad trend to take appropriate preventive measures.

Our Vision

Servers, computers, IT, apps, databases, data-collections, are tools that should ease and simplify our lives to go forward for a better human being. The best way to get there, is to give responsability to experienced professionals.


We have build our experience and competences working over years on very strategic projects for big IT organizations, with very big teams, so our scope of services is very large and can cover all kind of fields to improve your internet presence and quality.

Servers Security

We manage 24x365 your servers operations to ensure security and reliability, so you may focus on your business.

WebSite Recovery

In case of disaster or hack situation, we can help you recover your website production.


We may assist you in any kind of question regarding your internet activity, such as server/cloud troubleshootings, website hacking, domain management, SSL certificates, email delivrability improvment,.... Please feel free to ask.

High-Performances Platforms

We build high-performances hybrid multi-cloud architectures to handle very high internet traffic.

High-Security Platforms

Your server or website security, your data security, your online activity are at all time under threat. We have developed advanced tools to protect your business from hackers.

High-Reliability Platforms

We build high-redundancy platforms, including load-balancers and database replication to ensure best availability.

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Our fields of expertise are Security, Performances and large scale architectures.

Your server or your website is down?

Your server can't reboot? You have lost data? Your emails go to spam? Your disk is full? You have been hacked?

Top-Secured manages to solve such issues every day. We can help now.

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Our Skills

Top-Secured Experts have extended experience in Linux and Cloud servers managment, server security, website security, backups, anti-hack, performance improvment, load-balancing, databases, big-data,...

Production Managment100%
Hack recovery100%
Databases redundancy100%
Data Recovery100%
Email delivery100%


Top-Secured team has a very long record of succesful projects, solving very strategic cases for big companies.

More than 550


More than +1000


More than 5,000

Hours Of Support per year

More than 35

Years Of Experience

Our Portfolio

Over the years, we are proud to have worked for a lot of large companies, as much as small ones. Banks, Industry, Insurance, IT, Services, Government, E-commerce, Press.

Sorry, but company names are subject to rights, and can't be exposed on the Internet to preserve our customers security (if your provider show your name on the Internet, he should learn a little more about security), but we will of course present examples on request.



For Security reasons, names have been changed or hidden. Words are true.

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