Internet is really a great world, but

About 75% websites are vulnerable!.

Restart quickly your activity after a crash or a hack is now easy with Top-Secured backup services.

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Secure your Websites

Before you get hacked

Every day, millions of hacking attempts are made on all kinds of websites, either "important" sites (officials, big business, ..) or personal websites as simple blogs.

The aim of hackers is to paralyze your activity, steal your data and increase their presence.

What would you do if tomorrow your website, blog had a homepage adorned the logo of an organization of hackers?

Secure your site today at a very low price, so tomorrow you will continue your business as usual.

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Secure your Servers under professional supervision.

Managing a dedicated server requires constant attention to prevent or respond to online business blockages.

Server components parameters setting (website, email, database, ...), implementation and verification of regular backups, availability and security monitoring, are tasks that require a great experience and great rigor.

Top-Secured manages hundreds of servers around the world on behalf of individual customers or large companies operating on the web.

You can benefit from our experience and our methods to ensure servers production continuity, based on very competitive prices.

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Professional Services For secured production

Designing a connected application requires taking into account aspects of performance and security to provide users with optimum operation.

Top-Secured Experts have accumulated extensive experience in many fields (banks, government, industry, e-shops, Big Data, ...) and can provide you valuable tips to define your architecture and choose your server and its hosting .

To answer to all cases, Top-Secured experts developed the TS-assistance program, which allows you to quickly get personalized services to build or reactivate your website or server.

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Immediate Support

On your server or website.

Your server or your website is down?

Your server can't reboot? you have lost data? your emails go to spam? your disk is full? you have been hacked?

Top-Secured manages to solve such issues every day.

We can help now.

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